Progress of Katota South Africa



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    Progress of Katota South Africa

    Post  ck on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:26 pm

    Dear Dr. Eshun
    Could you please let us know regarding the progress of transaction in South Africa. We are spending hours a day trying to get information. Our companies as well as developers are in huge distress. When can we expect guarantees? Please see this as a matter of urgency for we are in huge distress, in process of loosing everything.
    We believe in the program,but would like some communication PLEASE !!!


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    By Joseph Eshun

    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:29 pm

    Katota the world over is making all effort to ensure there are funds in Land &Real estate program in RSA, so developers can receive funds. Katota will partner with the assessed developers to ensure the there is funds (cash) to take transfer of development lands where transfers are required or pay off existing bonds and continue with development in terms of the requirement of each of the 7 Pillars. The team involved in the fund raising are promised week after week that formalities will be completed but each week that comes, comes with new challenges. As you may have been informed investment agreements are in place, the formalities is what has been wasting all these time since you were informed. The Transfer of Development land and Development holding companies into the Katota program in RSA is under the leadership of Mr. Leon Erasmaus, who is working round the clock with me and the rest of the team to have funds in RSA. We have faced many challenges but we are working diligently to have cash in RSA.
    Kindly advice your team to continue with prudent business decisions as the sale of the land presented that qualified a developer to participate in the Katota Land Development program does not disqualify the developer or the agent that presented the developer from participating in the Katota program. Those that want to hold on to the land presented can see Mr. Leon Erasmaus and his team to discuss the swapping of the land for Katota Bonds, which bonds shall be redeemed in RSA or sold to other structures within or participating in Katota ones the Katota Bond processes are completed.
    Katota is a global program aimed at bringing together passionate men and women to contribute towards accelerating development focused on Africa. The Katota model is not to teach how to fish or give the already caught fish but to fish with those in need of fish and eventually turn the underdeveloped to develop. We believe, it is in consolidated and coordinated development approach with initiation guided to flow from the people in need of development that the peace that has eluded our world can be achieved. Katota is not seeking profit from the programs it pursues for individual benefit but for the benefit of sustaining the program and for further the benefit others who may join as the program expands.

    Joseph Eshun

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